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Hi all,

Im going for an interview tomorrow for a Purchase Ledger Clerk. I have never previously worked in accounts, but am studying AAT foundation. Are there any tips or any things that i need to know/revise for my interview?? Thans, any replies will be brilliant.


  • Cullen
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    I would google the Company and find out as much about their business as possible.

    The purchase ledger is a really important part of the Accounts Office as a large percentage of the transactions are posted to the main ledgers from the purchase invoices. I might ask the following questions,
    1. How many on the Purchase ledger team?
    2. How many invoices per/day/month
    3. Who has responsibility to code to main ledger?
    4. Who reconciles supplier statements
    5. What system is used
    6. Who will I report to?
    7. Who will train me?

    There are lots more questions you could ask, depending on the way the interview is conducted.

    They might want to ask you open questions, like,"Tell us about yourself"...or "why do you want to work for us"... Think about these kind of things now and prepare some sort of response. Try and gear your answers to show yourself in a strong positive light. So I might say......
    I am studying AAT because I really see my future in Accounts.
    I am the type of person who pays attention to detail and enjoys seeing a job through to completion and done properly.....
    I want to work for your Company because.......you have a good reputation as an employer/ you support professional training/ anything else you gleaned from their website...

    I was once asked in an interview what was the thing I had done that I was most proud of.........I couldn't think of a thing! Later I thought of loads, typical!

    Read through unit 2 and make sure you understand all the points made in each chapter.

    Google interview techniques, I am sure there are better ideas out there than I can come up with.

    Look and dress sharp. Pressed trousers, shiny shoes, shirt tie etc. This speaks volumes about you.

    I know one young man got a job in my company because he was the only one who wore a suit,( it was a warehouse job) The manager justified his choice by saying he was the only applicant who looked as if he really wanted the job.

    Good luck!
  • Peter80
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I was thinking of wearing a suit, but was thinking it may be a bit too much.

    I will try and prepare by getting some more knowledge of the Purchase Ledger side of things.

    Thanks again
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