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Got my first ever similation 9am tommorow, however I was told that Kaplan would send me a letter saying what I needed to bring but I havn't got it. I emailed them yesterday but they havn't got back to me.


  • tammyariley
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    hi just had my simulation today, good luck.
    usual stuff like pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, tippex. Calculator.
    I took a few different coloured pencils just incase we had to do a graph, (they were needed) you'll need your registration number as well.
  • sebastianforbes
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    i can't believe that i actually went to take a simulation and forgot all of my stationery !

    i popped into whsmiths and bought everything i needed... 15 minutes before i needed it !!!

    i owned up to my mistake and was told "don't worry about it, we'll always give you anything you need to help you out."

    i said "do you have a copy of the answer sheet please ?"

    unfortunately, they weren't so accommodating...

    but bpp reading have been fantastic !!!
  • louise
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    how did the simulation go for you? i did mine last week!!

    there was a confusing questions on disposal , as there was no disposal a/c!!
    i just guesed, lol!!

  • George Tse
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    if there was no disposal account may be the asset was sold after the year end

    Lets say ur year ends November 30th 2007 but the asset was sold on 2nd december 2007, it would not b recorded in year ends accouts of 30th 2007

    Therefore it will b recorded in next years accounts if you were to do nex year accounts

    hope this helps :001_smile:
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