Unit 10 Project

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Can someone out there please help me?

I have started my project and I am quite well on the way. My project is on the recovery of salary charges for people going out on secondment. I have only completed 2500 words and stuck on anything more to include and tie this into the criteria. I have not yet completed a SWOT analyse and do not know where to start on this for the Department of Health


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    I finished the Technician stage a few years ago, but I'm sure I could pull out my notes on the SWOT analysis. Would it also be possible to take a look at your project, because it sounds really useful to my job at the moment (in the MOD!) we have someone seconded and have to recover salary from the company, and no-one's sure how to go about it!
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    Hi my sister has just completed an O U Course on Secondments and she said if you put secondments.com into your computer browser all manner of things come up and are really useful.....got her a grate result in her assignment anyway.

    Hope this helps

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