Finished bsc honors degree in accounting, what to do next?

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Hi to all who read,

Ive recently just finished my bsc honors degree in accounting, mangaement and information systems which covered a lot of accounting modules. Now that Im in my first job Im looking to get qualified but not sure which qualification to start doing. Can anyone tell me is it worth doing the AAT qualification because of my degree or should I just go straight into doing ACCA.


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    I think it depends on your job, if your job is more accountancy based such as ledgers/journals etc it can cover alot of the basics that werent covered at degree level and perhaps help you understand it more. I too did an accounting and financial management degree and I am doing the technician stage of AAT however I find that alot of it is simply repeating what i learnt from uni and sometimes in a more basic format. I only took the AAT qual because it doesnt take as long as ACCA or CIMA as I am exempt from the first 2 stages, and my employer wanted me to do any accounting qualification (and a qualification is a qualification at the end of the day!). Also its cheaper helpful if you have to repay back course fees to employers if you leave within a ceratin time period.
    You should take a look at some past papers and see if you could complete them.
    Also some people may say that its a more practical work experience but I disagree as some employers will simply sign things off of saying you have done them (much like ACCA etc) when you havent.
    Hope this made sense!
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