Profit Margin reports in Sage

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We are trying at work to sector our customers according to products they buy so we can report (or rather I can!!) on profit margin per category of purchase and gross sale within that category per month.

I'm pretty much a Sage virgin and the company I am at is expanding rapidly and is still working a small firm mentality, that frankly isn't going to cut it this year if we carry on expanding as we are. My question is if we divise a coding system for each section of products - ie laminating, framing, printing all being a seperate code or starting with a alpha tag is there capability in Sage to pull these kinds of report out on one section of products?


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    Hi there

    Not 100% sure what you are asking, but from what I have read, maybe you can try Cost Centres for the different types of products?
    I know they are not cost centres, but you can pull off financial reports from Sage for certain cost centres
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