for Ash...

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Hi Ash,

what's your result? have you cleared your intermediate level???????

i have passed all three in the technician level and just have one project to submitt to finish my AAT.


  • Ash
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    for SHBH80


    Congratulations. I too have cleared all my Advanced level exams

    I am planning to write Technician level exams in june.

    Will you be able to give your study material, exams notes and anyother material

    With Job, i am still struggling. I have gone thro HAYS too, but its not working. I have cried every other week.

    I dont know what to do.

    Anyways, Good luck for your future Endeavours


  • shbh80
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    Hi Ash,
  • shbh80
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    Hi Ash,

    Many congratulations for your achievments. I can understand what it means for you. A new country, new culture, new pattern of studies etc etc......wonderful achievement. WELL DONE!

    As far as job is concerned......keep on trying, it takes a while. Check your CV once....its presentation makes huge difference. If you want you can forward your CV to me and i can have a look at it. My email id is [email protected]

    I got my permanent job while i was temping through HAYS only and it came on its own without any extra effort. My husband says that i have been really lucky because it take a while for an Asian to get a job during their first year of stay in this country.
    My suggestion is again start with temp jobs and have some UK companies experience on your CV and then after 3-4 months things should work for you. this is how it worked for me and i am sure it will work for you as well. all the best for it . keep on trying and be bit patient. don't be too hard to your self.

    By the way to what part of India do you belong to and are you married? I am so sorry, i have been asking so many questions!
    Anyways i am in Leeds don't know about you....and i'll be glad if i can be of any help to you.

    I am sorry i can't give you my study material as i need them for reference. But you can order Kaplan material for your technician level exams. its really good and even Kaplan sessions for that matter.

    so good luck for your techincian level exams.....

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