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Bexi Boo
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Some students say that the skills tests are easy to pass, others say that they are very difficult. Even in the same unit there appears to be a wide range of opinions. It seems to be me that it very much depends on which centre you are studying with? Some centres seem to be very strict about the pass mark and will fail you, whereas other centres very rarely fail a student

I am looking to enrol on the next level and I want to get through as quickly and as easily as possible.

Can anybody recommend a college where it is easy to pass the skills tests?

Easy life eh? :thumbup1:


  • phunkyphantom22
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    Bexi Boo wrote: »
    I am looking to enrol on the next level and I want to get through as quickly and as easily as possible.

    Doesn't everybody!! :ohmy:

    Unfortunately the only way to pass and gain a qualification is by putting the effort and working hard. If it was easy, the qualification would not be worth anything.

    As far as I am aware - skills tests pass rates are the same everywhere. 100% to pass or get at least 80% then take extra questions to make up the rest.
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    I went to a college (which will remain nameless), where during skills tests the tutor would leave the room and leave the answer booklet on the table (intentionally) so if anyone was stuck they could just copy the answer. Needless to say everyone always passed and considered a skills test quite an easy part of the unit.

    However, apart from any moral objections i might have had, the college's teaching was very poor and i left to go to kaplan.

    It is definitely worth going somewhere you have towork hard for the simulation to reap the benefits of good quality teaching for your exams.

    In any case, what you hearabout simulations is only someones opinion, just like exams. One person can understand a subject immediately and another may struggle.

    Just try your best:001_smile:
  • jorja1986
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    Wouldn't you rather pass knowing that you done your best than just have an easy ride?

    Like everyone above as said do your best that is all you can do when you pass you will get a real sense of acheivement.

    Different people have different ways of learning, and prefer different ways of assessment. I found the skills test to be of a benefit to me as it was slightly more relaxed, you knew that if you didnt pass you could take additional questions to cement your understanding and prove your competancy.
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