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Anybody with this lot? The teaching is generally excellent, unfortunately the customer service lets them down, badly. The latest example is the new AAT time table from Jan/Feb - turns up today on cdrom. Which doesn't seem to want to autorun on my pc. I finally open the wretched thing and find that they have the timetables in PDF. Great. Except for one small thing - the course days, and names are not legible. The timetable is even later than last year. And now I have to phone them up to get a paper copy, in the hope that version is clearer.

You would think that for the amount they are getting paid they would be able to employ better office staff. I'm seriously considering quiting this lot when I go on to further training. Although I've never seen problems with the "proper" accounting timetable - that one always seems to be out. Just AAT.



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    I'm with them, didn't get a cdrom though :confused1: Did you have to request that? They just sent me an email and a letter through the mail??

    To be fair to them though, I've never really had a problem with their customer support - polite, helpful, got back to me fairly quick - but I suppose we all have different incounters.
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    Yes I agree, their service isn’t the greatest. I started with them last September (London Bridge) at Adv Certificate level. Was told to attend a two day Bookkeeping course which is pretty much a condensed Certificate/Foundation level. As per the dates on their website I went along on the first day of the course only to find out it had already taken place last week. Two days later got a letter in the post to say dates had changed. Maybe the post office was to blame but FTC should have called me to confirm that I know about the change. Luckily managed to learn double entry on my own. All good now as I passed my exam (FRA) and teaching was top quality.
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