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Hello not sure if anyone can help. Providing I pass my exams in the summer I will have passed everything. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the best way to get into public finance jobs. I quite fancy working for the county council but never see any jobs advertised. Does anyone know the nature of work I would be able to get, I am a legal cashier at the moment so my actual experience is limited. Could anyone give an indication of salary aswell? :001_smile:


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    AAT is widely recognised by public sector employers where I live (Kent). Check out your local councils website for jobs - it is possible they only advertise on line to save money. The NHS advertise on their jobs website only too, you could try that, you can filter by location.

    An entry-level job in local authority finance should pay about £13-15k - this would be mostly processing invoices and receipts. More responsibility for forecasts and management acccounting and you should be thinking of £15-£20k upwards.
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    If you are serious about entering your local council send them a letter with your CV, sometimes they create jobs in departments....worth thinking about.

    Salary varies widely area to area.

    I have seen entry at about 12-14k but as you move up you are looking at more 18k.

    Good luck with your search
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    It depends one which area you live in and what you are employed as. The best thing to do is have a look on your local council website. They advertise jobs online as well as in papers. Unlike the private sector they usually require you to fill in an application form - so they can prove that it was open and fair competition I suppose. Also have a look at the academic sector - universities is good as they have jobs from most of the uni's and you can download specifications etc.
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