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Unit 7 Simulation

JoeyPJoeyP Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 3
Is anyone else doing a case study for Unit 7?

I have done all my ratios and percentages but am struggling to write these into a report. I have looked on the AAT website but they seem to be different. I think out college uses it's own case study rather than use what the AAT perscribe.

I am struggling to know why figures are decreasing or increasing and what to do about it!!!

Can anyone help?


  • gingervickigingervicki Feels At Home Registered Posts: 87
    me too

    you seem to having the same trouble as me, to be honest im going through the book now and other examples to see if i can bulk out my report as it looks a bit naff

  • King of the MountainsKing of the Mountains Feels At Home Registered Posts: 66
    I did this simulation the other week and passed it. I think basically it means show your workings. That's what I did. Obviously presenting it neatly. I remember( I think) I put the formula first aswel. Can you tell me how long they give you to do this?
  • JoeyPJoeyP Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    We were given the report to do begining of January. We have to hand it by 5th March.
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