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My daughter (almost 19) is on the England Ladies Tug of War team and has just returned from the world championships in Italy with a bronze and a fourth place. The team of 8 have now qualified for the World games in China in 2009.

All expenses are paid for by each individual on the team which mount up over the year and I would like to try and get some sponsorship for them. What I need is ideas of how to approach possible sponsors etc. I realise initially I must find out what publicity the sponsor will have but should I approach small companies or go for blue chip companies. How do I find out who to speak to within the company.

This is something I have never done before so any help/advice would be great.

If you would like to see some tug of war photos google tug of war world championships.

Thank you in advance for any help:001_smile:



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    I had the same thing with my son but with squash.

    You coud write directly to the manufacturers of any equipment that you use, that may generate freebies of equipment. You may be able to get free membership to local Gyms for training if you write to them directly eg David Lloyd. Local Authorities often have bursaries for talented youngsters

    Do you have a coach, or a governing body, they should be able to advise you.

    Get the local papers out to take a picture and to do a write up to say that you are looking for spoinsorship.

    We manager to get funds/equipment and memberships.

    Hope it helps and good luck

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