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I just competed my AAT-Technician final level, i am now trying to apply to various Universities to further my studies on Finance/Accounting related study field.Most Instituitions want your GPA report in order to find out if you qualify for the course you want to apply for whereas in AAT your certificates or statements of achievement shows that you have successfully completed the course with YES or COMPETENCE, how do i grade my AAT qualification to be in a GPA form?
I have completed all the Units below successfully to become an AAT graduate:

Technician Level
•Management of performance & Enhancement of value(PEV)
•Planning & Control of Resources(PCR)
•Drafting Financial statement (AP,I and C) DFS
•Operating Cash Management & credit control system
•Implementing Audit Procedures
Managing systems and people in the accounting Environment(PROJECT)

Intermediate Level
•Preparing Ledger Balances and an initial Trial balance
•Costing-Recording and evaluating costs & revenues
•Maintaining Financial Records & Preparing Accounts
•Preparing reports and returns
Working with computers

Foundation Level
•Recording Income & receipts
•Making & recording payments
•Preparing Ledger Balances & an Initial Trial Balance
•Supply Information for management control
•Working with computers
•Achieving Personal effectiveness
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