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Hi guyz
I am planning to travel and work in UK on a working holiday sometimes this year but stil not sure about departure dates(sort of taking a break after 2 long years of AAT course period)I am currently in Botswana(my home country) so i would like to make friends in the UK,people to chat with on this and maybe meet some day....
Next place after UK is USA so i would also like to make friends in USA but also friends from other parts of the world r welcome
I am 1 friendly,very sociable chic..tok 2me guys and lets lets get to know each other more and better..:001_smile:
View my picture profile(im the ever smiling chic hey...)hahaha:001_smile::001_smile:


  • mulez2
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    Really nice to know about your future plans,get yourself organised with your travel arrangements;yeah nice idea. So you have a long journey ahead? Socialising? you are a very hot bird...
  • Vampire007
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    Hi there,
    Well... we can be friends...
    if u wish, we can chat sometime on messenger...
    my address is...

  • coocoocadgoo
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    Stop writing messages to yourself, Gabgee!
    If you want reassurance about your looks, try a dating site...
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