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I am currently a sixth form student and I am hoping to follow a career in accountancy at the end of this school year. I currently don't know much on where to start or what to do. I am hoping to find a role as a trainee accountant and study for the AAT on a day or block release basis, however if I cannot find a suitable job, I am possibly looking at studying for the AAT full time at college. Would this be a suitable way of doing it or is university a better option as I would prefer to start working soon and gain the experience. I would be extremely grateful of any people's advice and possible experiences people have had of going into accountancy straight from school.


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    Hey Leeda
    Wel i would personally advice you to go for an AAT full time course if you really wanna fulfil your accounting career,after AAT you are most likely to get a job straight away even though it seems like more and more people are into accounting nowadays hence congesting the accounts market but the accounts clerks/ accountants are still in demand though. So after completing your AAT and getting a job maybe thats when you can take a part time advance accounting course(CIMA, ACCA e.t.c)....

    Hope i'v tried to give a lil sumsum hey....

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    I would the part time course of AAT at your local college as that way you can earn and learn at the same time. you may have to fund your 1st year yourself but you may be lucky and get into a job where further learning will be funded for you.

    I started the foundation course of AAT after I went into a bookkeeping job, it is now several years later and I am now an accounts assistant for a very large trust.

    Apply for jobs now, explain that you are in the process of starting the course but that it doesnt start until September and that you are eager to learn the ropes as it were and gain practical experience whilst learning.

    Being completely new to accounts you may find you get a role as a junior accountant rather than a trainee (in some companies I appreciate there is no difference but through experience a trainee has previous knowledge whereas a junior does not) however apply for both and good luck.
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    Many thanks for the replies your advice has been a great help. However if I organis the studying for myself what sort of vacancies should I be looking for as I currently have only been searching for trainee/junior accountants where studty support is provided and have so far been unsuccessful. Are there any other roles/ job titles I should be searching for as a school leaver?
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    take a look at your local training providers as well to do your course, as they may help with searching for a job as well whilst you a training.
    look on the AAT employers section too, as companies advertise for trainee's there
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