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Am I alone in finding the font colour used for hyperlinks in forum posts prevents them standing out clearly? To me, the dark green is far too close to the normal black.


  • sarahwilson
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    I agree I think they need to be a much brighter colour.
  • Simon Smith
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    I'll look into altering them today for a more readable style.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • richardw
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    what about just using the standard hyperlink blue?
  • Simon Smith
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    Yeah, I was intending a nice easy colour.

    The problem posed by vBulletin is its application of style colour changes to every single link (forum names, user names etc) so once I've sussed applying the styles direct to the post body you'll see some nice readable links.
  • richardw
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    ah, inline css!
    <div id="post_message_109014">
    would be easier if that was in a <div class="message"> or something similar
  • Simon Smith
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    Yes, unfortunately vBulletin is still stuck in table based layout with limited CSS, that is the only downside of the software as far as I'm concerned.

    Those div id tags are generated dynamically (hence the number) so it makes a tad more complicated to target the posts.

    I can think of a few workarounds that I will try tomorrow.

    Thanks for all your suggestions and comments
  • CJC
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    Yeah, I've had similar issues styling up a Simple Machines/Tiny Portal forum. Not only is it a problem selecting the relevant elements but some CSS is held in a style sheet and some of it is generated per page by the PHP and that's not always easy to track down.

    Here, it looks to be that the forum posts are held in a <td> with a unique class class="alt1". So something like .alt1 a{color:blue} willl do the trick. It's going need to go somewhere in the PHP code though, from what I can see.
  • 118 11kate
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    :ohmy: stands back in awe

    Im surrounded by computer/web geniuses! Im not gonna add anything here, just making sure you know im impressed :thumbup:
  • Izik Goldfarb
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    The links are finally blue!!!

    We successfully changed the links color in the post to blue.

    Let me know if you have any more problems...


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