final june exams 08 !!!

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i have tried a past paper for for FRA june exams.

it was horibble i didnt get hardly any right, its just so iffernt to the sumilations, im not used to the layout and the questions wording.

what can i do to improve, i know practice makes perfect, but ANY TIPS Please



  • coocoocadgoo
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    Hi Louise,
    I recently passed both intermediate exams in December, with about 10 days hard work. Practice really does make perfect - read your books again, do all the exercises again, then do all the practice exams from the website. If you get something wrong, look at the answer and try and figure out why. Then do it again. You will probably find that the exams are very similar and by practicising them you will prepare yourself well for the exam you will sit. Hope that helps.
  • louise
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    yes it helps, knowing there is someone that has doen it in 10 days, does give me confidence!!!

    ill have to practice, i have started doing the past papers very early but i want to be very prepared, as i still have to do reports and returns.
  • Miss P
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    i experienced the same thing.atleast now i understand the journals post a question will do it for you
  • PhilW
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    Which area of the past paper did you have trouble with? One part is mainly the entended trial balance and posting journals, it also usually includes the disposal of an asset and the journal entries involved.
    The other part is usually dealing with a partnership and tests the knowledge of the Capital account, the introduction of goodwill, the current account etc.
  • louise
    louise Registered Posts: 49 💫 🐯 💫
    the extended trial balance is worst for me!!

    have u go any website thst can give me tips?

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