Recruitment agencies grrr

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What is it with staff at recruitment agencies?
Do they employ the people they cant find jobs for?

3 different agencies in the past 2 weeks:
1. tell them easiest way to contact me is by email, & that im looking to widen my experience
so i get a couple of phone messages, when i contact them, its a very similar job to what i have now, & they dont even have a job description.

2. uploaded my cv on their site, get a reply from them:
"Thank you for your interest in the above position. Unfortunately, I have received applications from candidates whose experience more closely match my client's specific requirements. I will not, therefore, be inviting you for an interview on this occasion."
I didnt apply for a position!

3. uploaded my cv on their site last friday, where they state that they contact everyone they have a cv from. To date, no contact from them.
Also, the automated response email from them had a spelling mistake.


  • richardw
    richardw Registered Posts: 108 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    how about this for a job advert:

    Salary: £20,000 - £22,000 per annum
    Fantastic chance to join a large professional organisation in Bham City Centre, you will need to have extensive excel skills and be willing to commit to an analyst type role . Study support is not offered with this role for any accountancy qualifications
    Salary £18-22k + excellent benefits

    so what is the salary range? i wonder if they offer study support for flying lessons? ;)

    how about:
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    That is very unprofessional.

    HOw are you supposed to believe what they say?

    I was in a similar scenario, I worked wih someone with less accounts experience but more purchase, went to interview that said it was for an Accountants assistant. ot the dreaded call and told it was someone with more accounting experience..........yep you've guessed it they were looking for a purchase ledger clerk!!!!!
  • richardw
    richardw Registered Posts: 108 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    another job advert:

    Immediately available is a role within a fantastic company based in the South West Birmingham area of Solihull.

    Anyone that knows the area will know that Solihull is to the south-east of Birmingham, & that Longbridge is not in Solihull, but is in Birmingham, & this is with a birmingham based agency!

    What happened to general knowledge, & reading what youve written? :huh:
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