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Hi Everyone,

I don't work in accounts and I'm paying for the 2nd year aat (diploma route) myself. I've just recently pass my ECR exam and studying for FRA. I am trying my best to apply for job in accountancy,also I've registered myself with few agency but unfortunatley everything is turn against me. Guys please I need your help, how do I apply for even basic account admin job? Now the situation is, my husband told me to leave AAT- 3rd year if, I can not find the job, so counfused :confused1:what should I do? BIG QUESTION!

Any advice will be much appreciated.


  • pernickety
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    You should keep on in there. It may be hard, but someone should realise your capability if they know anything about the AAT exams and study and just what you are learning/have learnt. Make sure, one way or another, when applying that prosepective employers are made aware; either at the application stage, by enclosing something which relates to what you have covered and passed, or by listing what you have studied on your C.V. or enclose a separate list of what you have covered. I once attended an inteview with an accountancy practise and took along the syllabus with me of what I was covering, I got the job too! Then take whatever you are comfortable with, even for a short period, to get that necessary experience, complete all levels then the ball is in your court, or should be.
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    I was in your situation a little while ago. I didn't work in accounts and I paid for the first year diploma (and now the 2nd year) myself. I went online and applied for almost every accounts role which had the words "AAT" and "study" in the description, lol and got a few interviews. Eventually I went in and met an agency who lined up three interviews in a week - one, I somehow managed to blag - and my new job awaits in April.

    The only advice I can give is the ones that were given to me: Don't expect the high paying jobs straight away, you have no real life experience in accounts and - I think - need to accept that you'll be doing the lower level accounts roles for a while until you have the experience. When applying, make them aware you are paying for the AAT course yourself, shows you're serious about accounts. It will also be a while before you get a job, you will be rejected a few times, but don't give up, or be disheartened, there'll be more positions, more roles, more interviews - persistence pays off. Also, from my own experience, empathise the 'fact' that you are looking for a long term role and are not looking to move on for a while - I got rejected once because they felt I'd leave them too quickly.

    I hope you succeed soon, but I have no doubt whatsoever that you will - with patience - find the job for you :001_smile:

    Good luck :thumbup:
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    Don't Give Up

    It's not just people who don't work in accounts that have a hard time finding jobs, I moved from a very basic , but high volume accounts job, but it took registering with several accountancy job agencies, and six months of interviews before I got my current job, and now I'm trying to decide when to start looking for my next challedge.
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    Don`t get confused

    I am almost in the same situation as you are. I have been paying my own studies (although I haven`t done Foundation) and was planning to complete next year as well.
    I have been working in sales for 10 years and started looking Accounts jobs. After a couple of attempts, I have decided to apply as a trainee in practice (Chartered Accountant/ Auditors companies) and I have been offered the job and they will support my studies.
    I wouldn`t waste my time with agencies. Try to apply for Accounts Assistant/ Admin jobs to start with or trainee jobs in practice. Send a letter to Chartered Accountant companies. They will be interested for a voluntary candidate. Anything which will lead you to accounting.
    I know people who were willing to work for free just to start.
    Don`t give up and complete your AAT. You will have more opportunities when you are doing the Technician level.

    Good luck.
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    Keep yer chin up!!

    I'm in the same boat, I started the AAT course 18 months ago because I wanted to get a degree level qualification. But now I find I am unemployed and there's very little in the way of accounts work to be had, I know if I get to technician level then I'll have some valuable experience for the future. Let's face it it can only look good to acheive something even if you don't use it. Personally I'd stick at it, apply for loads of jobs you've got nothing to lose, and it'll give you lots of experience of interviews!
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