Unit 6 - Labour

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Can anyone please explain to me what Standard labour hour produced is please, I'm currently studing through osborne books text books ready for my simulation next week and a couple of the questions in chater 3 ask about this?

Please help if you can!


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    The textbook gives a definition 'the quantity of work that can be achieved by one worker in one hour, at a standard level of performance'.

    If you are referring to question 3.4 in the Costing workbook, you would calculate as follows:

    1. 160 units of product Exe @ 5 mins = 800mins

    2. 100 units of product Wye @ 6 mins = 600mins

    3. 250 units of product Zed @ 4 mins = 1000mins

    Therefore standard labour hours are 40 hours (2400 mins)
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    Thank you, I feel like such an idiot cos I had the 2400 but didn't divide it into hours.
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