marking criteria

louise Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 49
is there a way where i can get the marking critera for the end of year exams, of somethign like it.
its just to know how they grade or how many mistakes you can make in each section



  • visha
    visha Well-Known Registered Posts: 218
    It's worth bearing in mind that for any of AAT exams, you are not sitting for exams in an accademic sense. You must demonstrate your competency for passing those exams. the easiest way to demonstrate that is to show all your workings and reference it so that the examiner can see what you have done. I promise you, get the wrong answer but demonstrate your workings showing your correct knowledge and understanding and you will be found competent and therefore will have passed your exams. BUT give the right answer and if the examiner has a dought about your knowlwdge and understanding; you will be found incompetent and therefore will fail the exams. To show that you are competent you need to show over 80% of your workings are correct.
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