Now I am worried!!

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At the moment I deal with Purchase/Sales Ledger/Invoicing/Petty cash/Bank and credit card Recs/Inputting on Sage including other office things.
I also help with keeping cash flow up to date and providing a few figures for EOM to the financial contoller who deals with all the end of month management accounts, end of year and tax returns and everything.
So yesterday I had a chat with the boss to see if I can take on a bit more of the end of month bits to use what I have learned and maybe we could get someone in for a few hours to deal with some of what I do.
He smiled...and said....I am glad you said that... because the financial controller is leaving and he was hoping I would take on his work!!!
Now I am a bit scared. Will I cope? They both think I will be fine as I have completed Tech level (just project to go)
He is leaving end of April so I will have a bit of time to learn the procedures. (He will be on the end of the phone too after that)
So me and my big mouth...
I do like a challenge though!



  • Nich
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    You will be fine, have faith in yourself!
  • CathG
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    Well Yas, looks like you asked just at the right time. You've now got the opportunity to sit with him while he shows you what it is he does. At my work, they don't start put the new person in place until the previous employee has left - along with their knowledge!

    I hope you enjoy your new job (and the new salary!), I'm sure the AAT will be a good support.

    All the best - keep us posted.:thumbup:
  • Yazi
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    Hi Cathg

    I will be able to sit with him, but he is only in the office one afternoon a week!
    So maybe 6 afternoons till he leaves.
    But it will be interesting to see his way of working and how it all comes together.
    Now I have got to get a helper too for a few hours a week and I am going to be doing the initial interviews!!
    Any tips on this from anyone would be appreciated.

  • speegs
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    Hi Yaz

    Wow I wish my boss would give me more work to do.

    You will be fine. As you said, he only works one afternoon a week. How hard can it be.

    Well done on the promotion. Make sure they pay you for it!

  • sheelagh
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    Hi Yaz

    Congratulations on your promotion. it sounds as if you deserve it.

    From what you are saying, you do all the leg work for the end of month, and the financial controller does his bit of work in a few hours each week.

    That means you have already have a good understanding of the business and how all the figures are compiled. Now you just have to learn what the FC does with your work - it can't be too much if he only takes one afternoon a week.

    Make the most of your next 6 weeks - ask lots of questions, and look back over the work the FC has done in the last few months to broaden your experience.

    Oh - and make sure you get a good payrise!
  • Rookiekookie
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    Or even look at one of the prior month ends - and see if you can come to the same conclusion as he did :001_smile::001_smile:
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