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I have a problem on these forums trying to produce sensible layouts for things like profit & loss accounts. You edit the message text to be laid out the way you want, then when the message is posted the white space you put in is deliberately is taken out again.

Result - figures shifted unpredictably to the left and a senseless message is left behind to baffle everybody.

e.g. the text below looked like a reasonable table when I typed it in!

Item Number Price Quantity Quality
1 12 1234 5689
4321 1233 77 999
1 12 1234 5689
4321 1233 77 999

I thought Courier was a fixed pitch font, but using it doesn't deem to help. :001_unsure:

Is there a technical fix for this apart from attaching separate documents?


  • richardw
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    1 space
    2 spaces
    3 spaces

    its stripping out any extra spaces in the text. try using the '
    ' option to display it how you want it to be displayed. Youll have to do this using the advanced editing when making a post.
    [code]1 space
    2  spaces
    3   spaces
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