Admin or Accounts?

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I've just been trawling for local jobs (it's my day off!!) and came across this one:-

Administrator - £17,000 - Administrator required for well established company based in xxxxx. This position requires someone with good numeracy skills and attention to detail. You will be required to take on general administrative duties in the office. Proof reading orders will be involved, so good accuracy is highly important. You will be checking for mistakes in the orders and correcting where necessary. You will also be stock taking and liaising with clients over the phone regarding orders and payments. To apply you must have excellent numeracy skills and attention to detail. Ideally qualified to degree level in something numeracy based. You must have previous office experience, although accountancy or bookkeeping experience would be highly desirable. You will received a competitive salary of £17,000 + benefits

Is it just me? Do they want an administrator or accounts/bookkeeper and a degree:huh:? No I'm not going to ring - the pay is less than I'm on now!


  • richardw
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    Ive found that most employers dont seem to have a clue what they want, or even sometimes what the job is.

    A numeracy based degree= maths, accounting, IT
    Previous experience in any of those fields after a degree would take you past admin work.
  • Jan
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    My point exactly Richard. Anybody with a degree would go stir crazy with boredom.

    I have also found that employers don't know what they want - or sometimes what we do!
  • blobbyh
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    I'm desperate to write something controversial here Jan, but you know that I've always been one to shy away from that side of things and younger viewers might be offended!

  • A-Vic
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    How the word administrator annoys!

    Dont you just hate that term - It means so many different things in so many different areas of employment.

    Ive been an practise administrator for 3 years, translation is - tea maker to credit controller and everything inbetween :lol:

    Although the rate of pay doesnt seem that bad for an admin role - is it city location? that might explane it!

    My thoughts are, this is a credit control job.
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