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My nephew cost a lot than his birthday,:huh: 3 weeks a go it was his 1st birthday
And got a present from his cousins (USA) just baby cloth....... its not a big packet, just small packet after a week we have received an invoice to pay for Inland Revenue £80. First we didn't know what it was and said its by mistake we have nothing to do with Inland Revenue, soon after a week he got another present from USA JUST A baby clothe again and the second invoice came for £30, we don't know yet why do we need to pay for gift this much amount of money. is it something to do with import or vat ,any help will be appreciated.

thank you


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    Inland Revenue have a rule on imports from countries outside of the EC member states which says that an item which is a gift must have a value of less than $100 (i think thats the current amount) to be exempted from paying duty on. There is also a form that the cousins would have had to have filled in to declare what the item is, it's value and whether it is a gift or merchandise. This form should be attached to the package that you received. It might be that these bills could relate to customs clearance and/or freight charges albeit they are a bit on the high side for an item of clothing. Best thing is to give the company who invoiced you a call to find out what it is exactly they are charging you for.

    Hope this helps you

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    That’s what I am going to do just phone and ask why??? And you know what the clothe doesn't cost that much but sometimes when you send some gift they do ask you how much it worth and I used to say more than it worth in case if it got lost or something so may be the cousin put the double amount than it should be, so now it us paying hahaa , actually the gifts worth may be $130,
    The other things is going to worry me now is I am expecting my wedding dress from (USA), imagine how much I will need to pay????? I am worrying now.

    thank you:ohmy:
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    Thank you very much for the information you have attached to me. so i have to be ready to pay to much money..................... :huh:The thing i don't know Whether this is a new law becouse i know some one who had delivered a weeding dress and not paying any thing for custome. This is i think 2 years ago happend. And i am sure they didn't pay penny for custom,or VAt.

    Thanx any way for your help!!!!!!!!!!
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