anybody can help unit 31

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unit 31 accounting work skills.i just started,but so confused about this's a computer test?but why still got the study text?and how to do this test?it seems divided into several tests,part 1 180mins,part 2 180 mins,and part 3 finish in a month at home?

so confused about the test.:confused1:

hope someone can help me!


  • Spring Flower
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    I have just passed my simulation last month, so i can say that do not be panic. It is not at all as hard as it's look. Yes, unit 31 is divided in 3 parts.
    Part 31.1 is about showing your compentencies in costing (i.e. Very similar to ECR) and while part 31.2 is working on the computer (i.e. Sage line 50) and Part 31.3 is a project which you have to complete along with your above mention parts before your simulation date. I would reconed go to the aat student website and search for parctice simulation. I am sure you will be all right.:thumbup:
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