Splitting carriage

catja Registered Posts: 17 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐡 🌟
In my books it says you should split carriage in from purchases.

I have been doing a little part time work for a company and their previous accoutant hasn't done this and when I asked someone else they said they never did as it served no purpose unless you were specifically recording extra haulage costs.

Am I now going to look very stupid as I said it had to be split (I know its shown next to purchases in the P&L


  • sarahwilson
    sarahwilson Registered Posts: 567
    You aren't going to look stupid because you are right. Carriage should be seperated out from purchases in my view.
  • Jan
    Jan Registered Posts: 654
    You're not going to look stupid catja - but this just illustrates the difference in what we learn in books to what actually happens in practice. The company you work for doesn't need that information, so why make extra work by splitting it off?
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