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hi my name is natasha and i live in manchester i just finished my college and now want to go in accounting field and feel like AAT is a good course for me but the centres in manchester only held NVQ pathway not the diploma one so I want to ask that is there any one here done NVQ pathway in the circumstances i have or can I chose NVQ pathway to do AAT ????????? please reply



  • westielala
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    have a look at Kaplan, they are based in Manchester, they do both the diploma pathway and the NVQ

    the NVQ comes with free government funding if you are employed in a financial role at the same time.

    which ever route you choose you will end up with the same qualification
  • lessci
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    You don't need to be working in accounts to follow the NVQ pathway if the course provider uses skills tests (simulations) as these should cover all of the skills required to gain your qualification, This is what my college in Coventry does, and although you can add extra items to your portfolio they aren't needed.

    Good Luck with whichever pathway you decide to follow.
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