level 2 certificate diploma route

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hell ther my name is mike from the wirral, well birkenhead to be accurate

last month i enrolled on the aats level 2 diploma route, my dream is to be a fully qualified cima accountant.

just as have been doing for a month and that and exam is in june thought if any one could offer any help that would be sound very appreciated indeed

on this aat website when you look at the past papers is it poss to edit and copy them to say word or another program so can print them for revision, as right now if i printed there is like 30 pages to each one and that

kind regards


  • Cullen
    Cullen Registered Posts: 592
    I think that if you want to only print a few pages of a much longer document, try :
    Current page.....? or maybe Selection.....? (sorry not sure)

    Anyway this way you can print selected pages. I dont know how to convert it to word, though. Sorry.
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