Unit 15 - Simulation

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Im in a bit of a panic because I am sitting my simulation for unit 15 for the second time again on the 9th May. I am absolutly hating this module and am really struggling to focus and revise, the problem is iv passed all the other exams for this level and have to get thru this to start the next level!

When I did this exam the first time it was a totally different layout to all of the practice papers, all the practice papers seem to follow a similar layout, of which I can just about complete without a probelm, however the actual simulation was a nightmare and I couldnt even begin to answer half of the questions, partly thru not knowing the answers and partly thru the panic of having all these new types of questions!

Has anyone done the simulation and found this, or did you find they followed the similar layout to the practice papers???? :crying::cursing:


  • Richard
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    I've read on a few posts that the Unit 15 skills tests are getting harder.

    I'm getting worried now as I'm due to take mine soon - I've recently completed the Sleepy Hollow practise skills test, just waiting for it to be marked.

    What part are you struggling with? I'm ok with cash-flow forecasts and credit control, its the raising finance/investments that I struggle to remember.
  • carla030698
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    To be honest I can just about answer most of the questions, I know what im talking about but if anything I cannot think of how to write it and go into detail. When I did the proper one that I failed tho, I just couldnt hardly answer any of it, not even the cash flow which I can normaly do fine maybe with the odd few errors through miscalculation but nothing too bad. I jsut dont know what happened and I think because I struggled with it so much I panicked and probably did a lot worse than I could have done because I just didnt expect what they were answering!
    For example I had not done any practice papers with seasonal variations in so I had forgoten how to do it, but guess what turned up in it.... seasonal variations!

    Im just not looking forward to it and im just about loosing pacience!
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