pev june 2008 exam

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Does anyone have any tips on what might be included in Junes PEV exam? i took PEv in December and failed section one. But section one was sooooo different to all other past exam papers. Im worried what the AAT are gonna do with Junes exam.


  • br1t1shbo1
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    yeh me too same postion. i will be taking my PCR and PEV exams in june with teaching courses in May at FTC, however i would like to get a head start.

    Does anyone know where we can find material to revise from before hand for PEV and PCR ????
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    I am also in the same boat. i took my PEV exams in december and failed the first section. i think the best thing is to go complaint AAT so that they would not change the whole settings this time. i was shoked to see my results and could not believe it. also solving past papers is the best idea as well.
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    Yeh, I'd like to know as well.
  • confused!!
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    I think I am likely to fail section 1 of PEV, I just can not get my head round the Volume, Capacity and Efficany Variences!! :mad2:
  • sharon
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    I found this on one of the forums might help - although not tried it yet! :glare:


    (Silly Bloody Variences)

    Standard- Budgeted= Volume

    (Stamped addressed envelope)



  • confused!!
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    Hi Sharon

    Thanks for that! But dont you also have to x it by something as well, is it the standard costs?
  • LouLou143
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    You times it by the O.A.R Overhead Absorption Rate.

    Some exams will tell you it but its worked out by

    budgeted fixed overheads total cost / budget total hours.

    Hope this helps

    Good Luck with the exam x
  • wandaf
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    I am in the same boat as you guys. Took PEV and didn't pass it.

    Anyway, I'm currently doing home studies/revision and cannot work out 'tea processor operators' and 'decpreciation of tea machines' in Dec 07 paper Task 2.2 (a)

    Can any hepl me with the working, pleaseeeeeeeeee.
  • Tasha
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    PEV Dec2007

    The tea processor operators is
    £6x10x100x8=£48000 this is because this machine uses 10 operators for each of the 8 machines for 100days at £6hr

    £6x1x100x8=£4800 this is because only 1 operator required for each of the 8 machines for 100days at £6hr

    Pickmaster £2000x 8 = £16000 (each machine is £2000)

    Pickmaster2 £9000x8 = £72000 (each machine is £9000)

    Hope this helps and good luck because i failed this paper too and am retaking again

  • wandaf
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    Thanks Tasha

    Thanks Tasha. I done the same calculation but wasn't getting but then I realise I also have to calculate it by 8

    I was doing £6x10x100 rather than £6x10x100x8

    Thanks and good luck to you too
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