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I am currently doing the Foundation level of the AAT. I am employed currently in the civil service i a job with no accounts involvement. My aim is to set up as a self employed book keeper. As i wont therefore get on the job experience, i wondered if any of you have any tips as to how to get the neccessary knowledge and experience to set up on my own. Also, what insurances, certificates etc do you need to set up a business in book keeping,
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    No offence intended but if you are only currently on foundation level of AAT and have no experience, I would suggest that you are far from ready to set up as a book-keeper.

    I would continue with your AAT studies to gain more skills and knowledge and try to get a job in accountancy - if you are struggling to find a position, you could always volunteer to help out with accounts for free? Just to get some work experience?

    You will need professional indemnity insurance.
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    No offence taken, I realise that i need to continue with my studies but my concern was that at the end of my studies, how will i take that jump from theory to practise, I cant afford to get a job in accountancy at present as i wouldnt be able to earn as much as i do in my current part time job, so i really need some ideas about how to get that practical experience at the same time as my current job.
    Voluntary work is quite a good suggestion.
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