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If you have a car in a seperate pool (cos it has private owners use) with a written down value of £600 then you sell it for £920.00 (orig purch price £1896.00) - This gives you a negative balance on that car of (£320.00) - What do you do with this at the year end and I guess no WDA is calculated as it would be a negative? - I am confused can someone help?


  • popcornlpw
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    at the end of the year u just put balace charges in the Car colum to make it to NIL
    and the allowance colum you write exactly same figures but it negetive.

    Hope it help
  • AdamR
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    Remember to take the balancing charge of £320 and work out the private proportion on it as this should be deducted, the same as if it was a balancing allowance.
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