Credit Checking New Clients

Can anyone advise me on the above. I work for an expanding company, we pay Graydons to credit check people and their service I have found to be fine. However in the whole of 2006 we spent £300.00 on credit checks, we have spent that up to date this year so this expense is going up quite dramatically.

Is it necessary to credit check everyone, we have a lot of NHS trusts (obviously don't credit check them), nursing home companies etc and what are the implications if we don't and a company doesn't pay? Is it feasible to just check smaller firms and therefore reduce the expense or are we compromising ourselves for the sake of £100.00 per month?


  • cherub76
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    We pay a £5 subscription to companies house, which allows you to view their returns and if any ccjs against them etc, so that can give you a little bit of feedback.

    We also pay a quarterly subscription to Top Service who are a credit checking agency, they are very good, and also chase bad debts etc, well worth the money!

    I work for a construction based company, and in the current climate we are very wary, credit checking any order over £2000.

    Good Luck
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