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I wasn't sure whether this is the right place to ask a general question rather than a technical one but it looks like the best bet as I am studying for the Advanced Certificate by home study (FTC Kaplan).

I took ECR and FRA exams in December, passing ECR but (not quite!) FRA and so am quite familiar with the examinations. However, despite reading through my course materials I can't really understand how the Simulations I need to do work.

I've obviously taken exams at an AAT approved centre; would it be my first choice for a Simulation ? If so, how is this arranged and what flexibility is there in times / dates ?

I am not working in accounting, and my employer (thankfully) is unaware of my studies so it is very difficult to get time off for exams / simulations exactly when I need it without giving myself away !

Some other supervisors for a Simulation that are accepted are say librarians, teachers etc. Has anyone ever had to ask for assistance in this way, and did you manage to get it ?

Any advice much appreciated.

Rob Woolhouse


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    Have you tried any local colleges which teach AAT? You may be able to pay them to sit your skills tests along side their taught course students?
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