Which payroll package?

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I'm working for a small business (10 employees) who have recently asked me to take on their payroll. We're currently using Sage Line 50 for all other transactions so I thought it might be simpler to get the Sage payroll package. Does anybody know if this would be a good idea for someone who has never dealt with payroll before?

Someone has also recommended the Quickbooks payroll package, as they think it's easier to use than Sage.

Somebody help!!

Many thanks.


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    I use Sage and we have 26 employees. It has a few quirks which took me a while to get used to (like it's way of calculating annual leave entitlement for employees starting part way through the year) although I would imagine most packages do.

    My main reason for changing to Sage was the link between Payroll and Finance, where you can send the totals straight to the Finance Nominal Ledger. Again though this takes a bit of getting used to.

    But generally it seems fine.
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    I work for a similar sized company and use Sage 50, but use Iris software for payroll . It was the package that our accountants used for their payroll bureau, so it was recommended by them at the time. They have changed over to Sage payroll and I'm told it's not as user friendly! Personally I like Iris, their support when I did PYE this year was superb, although they did have problems with support a couple of years ago, this seems to have been sorted.

    I've seen Moneysoft recommended on this and other accounting forums. I was considering changing, but in my case. why fix something that's not broken! You can download a trial version from their website here


    Its also probably cheaper than Sage and Iris.
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    Thank you for the info.

    It's good that Sage will eliminate the need for salary journals. But I've heard it's hard to rectify mistakes if they're made... and being new at this I'm worried that could be a few!
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    Moneysoft gets my vote! :thumbup:
  • A-Vic
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    Small Software I Use at Work

    Heres a link:-


    I use these at work find there really good if your not 100% sure about payroll and need hardly do a thing.

    Also they are designed for small businesses, and one of the big pluses with this payroll software is can reverse any weekly payroll without a lot of hassel.
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