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hiya im doing the foundation stage at the moment, i have exams in July. When does the Intermediate stage start? is it september? Also i have a job is it easy to do the study and keep a full time job? How long has it taken others to complete these stages? Thanks :):)


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    Depands on you

    It takes average 3 years to finish but it is entirely up to you.Some students takes 2 years to study intermediate level and 2 years for last stage. If you working in accounting environment it is a great chance for you to finish within 3 years with experience.

    Good luck,
  • lessci
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    I'mjust coming to the end of my intermidiate year,and it's not easy working full time and studying,but it is possible, you just have to learn to be self disaplined, which I never was when I studied at school, but have become more so now. Allocate set time to do your work and stick to them,don't skive (Like I'm doing now, I should be studiying before my lesson!!!) and you'll do fine.
  • ambitious
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    Doing the foundation year will put you in good stead for the intermediate. Like lessci I too am going to be sitting intermediate level exams in under 2 months now. Make sure you pass the health and safety, working with computers, and personal effectiveness skills tests. I found them extremely boring but at least then you don't have to do them in the intermediate year. The good thing about foundation year was that it actually applied to my current job at finance assistant level. Learning about purchase ledger, sales ledger, the cash book, the petty cash book was relevant to my job. So it gives you a chance to build on the foundations.
  • speegs
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    I work full time and study as well. I had found this combination fine and not too stressful as what I study I then practice in my work.

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