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Sue Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 217
Has anyone else noticed they are not receiving notifications when posts are made on topics they have subscribed to and requested instant email notification?

I've also just discovered that if you select to view just 'new posts' that it doesn't show all the new posts. I seem to have missed quite a lot this way!


  • 118 11kate
    118 11kate Well-Known Registered Posts: 115
    Hi Sue

    I have change my email address over on myAAT to my hotmail account but notifications are still going to my work account. I change them over so my exam results would be sent to my home email and I didnt have to wait till morning or call back at the office late a night to check.
  • richardw
    richardw Well-Known Registered Posts: 108
    the forum & myAAT are 2 seperate systems.
    if you want the forum emails to go to a different address, you need to change that in the user control panel.
  • 118 11kate
    118 11kate Well-Known Registered Posts: 115
    Thanks Richardw,

    Exam time last year I changed my email address to my hotmail account and my exam results still came to work, hence the midnight drive to our office to find out what id passed or failed cos I wasnt gonna sleep and that is why i thought they were linked.

    Kate x
  • Sue
    Sue Well-Known Registered Posts: 217

    I get email notifications for some of the topics I have subscribed to for instant notifications but not all of them.

    This topic is a good example as I have subscribed for instant notifications, but only discovered there were posts when I went into the forum.

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