Kitchen Styles Coursework

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Am trying to get my course work done this week. Trouble is I've been looking at it for so long I'm starting to doubt myself.

The main parts I'm stuck on are the following

I've completed the overhead analysis sheet for the year 20x3-20x4 I split the costs between the departments. They have a storekeepers salary which confused me as the only way I could think to split it was by No of Materials Requisitioned but on the information given they don't have a figure for no of Materials Requisitioned for Stores. So would I not be assigning the cost of the Storekeepers salary to Stores? Or should I do it by any the following

Floor area in sq metres, Full Time equiv employees, cost of equipment?

For the moment I haven't assigned costs of the salary to stores as the overheads for stores get appropriated into the other departments anyway.

Actually I will do a seperate posting for my other query so it doesn't get too confusing.


  • CJC
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    Been a while since I've done this but ignorance never held me back....

    Wouldn't you just directly allocate the Storekeeper's salary to the Stores department - as it's a cost wholly incurred by that dept - and then reapportion the entire Stores' costs to the other departments on whatever basis you've been given/is appropriate for that?
  • CathG
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    Storekeeper's salary

    CJ's right - you allocate the salary to stores, then reapportion out all the stores costs to the other departments.
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