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Raging Pineapples
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Just a quick pergunta - I've not done tax in a few months now and I'm a little rusty.

Basically, I get paid around roughly the 16th/17th of the month. So when working out my pay assessable under 2007/08 Self Assessment, and trying to determine the assessable pay for April 07, is it correct to do this:

I was paid on the following dates:
16th March 07
17th April 07

So April's pay covers the 17th March to the 17th April, being 32 days in total.
Only that portion after the 5th of April is taxable, meaning 12 days of tax.

So if I earned, say £600 in that month, I'd do:

£600 / 32 days * 12 taxable days = £225

...and a similar thing for the last April as well? Or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

The way I worked it out, Her Majesty owes me £6.73 :thumbup:


  • Jan
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    Are you self employed? If not you should be paying your tax via PAYE (pay as you earn). That is if your employer is paying you correctly, which I gather from another post he isn't, ie no pay slip?
  • Monsoon
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    Not clear if you're PAYE or self employed from your question.

    If you are paid PAYE just enter the figures from P60/ P45. Pay is treated as received on the pay date so if you receive it mid april it falls into new year.

    If you are self employed, you need to attribute sales to the right period even if you're paid once a month, so if you are paid £1000 on April 16th, and this relates to £600 of work done in March, and £400 done in April and your year end is 31 March then you include £600 on turnover on your tax return.
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