Anyone able to recommend textbooks for intermediate course?

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Hi all,

Im after some study/text books for the intermediate course, (all units) as we werent given any at the start of the course and Im finding it quite hard!! Either books or CD roms would be great, I just need anything thats going to help me with each topic really, and getting very worried/desperate about how close the exams are now!!

Thanks for any help :)


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    Books for intermediate

    Wow- can't believe you've managed all these weeks with no books!

    I've been using:
    Osborne Costing & Reports Tutorial and Workbook
    Osborne Financial Records & Accounts Tutorial and Workbook
    Frank Wood's Business Accounting - 10th edition

    I have found the Osborne books ideal as they cover all three units for the Intermediate (5,6&7), there's a few exercises in the Tutorial with answers in the back, however the Workbook doesn't have the answers so you'll need to see your tutor for those.

    Good luck
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