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whats the intermediate level like? one of our students is saying its very fast
not as laid back, as foundation level, so im having nightmares.
enlighten the poor foundation students please!


  • CathG
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    The intermediate level covers three units - 5, 6 & 7. I think as long as you've understood the groundwork in the foundation level you should find unit 5 ok. The hardest (in my opinion) is the costing unit (6). At this stage of the course you have to be prepared to put extra work in during your own time - you probably won't get far as you could without that. I keep telling myself it'll be worth it in the long run - AAT is a good qualification to get.
  • ambitious
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    Doing foundation level will put you in great stead for the intermediate level. I admit a module like FRA (Financial Records and Accounts) does feel a bit long but it's certainly a big bulk of accounting knowledge thats very useful for going further. Be sure to get health and safety, working with computers and personal effectiveness out the way. Otherwise the course will feel heavy with those hanging around. I did foundation and with intermediate exams in less than 2 months I can tell you it is definitely a step up. The importance of doing a trial balance will come into play and you need to get this bit right to go further.
  • jkc
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    thanks all, thats great!
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