Can anyone shed any more light on interfirm comparisons

gingervicki Registered Posts: 87 Regular contributor ⭐
Hi, i'm just going over an old simmulation paper and when i got to the above i didnt really know what to do,

i can't seem to find any more about it in my books, so im not abble to see where to generate the figures from.

Any advice, knowledge, suggestions gratefully received.




  • gingervicki
    gingervicki Registered Posts: 87 Regular contributor ⭐

    How do i calulate the figure that goes in % of sales and the return of capital employed box?

    im so confused??????
  • visha
    visha Registered Posts: 218 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Which unit's old simulation paper are you looking at?

    and whick task number?
  • David Harritz
    David Harritz Registered Posts: 5 Regular contributor ⭐
    Yes, interfirm comparison is a difference of profit and loss which is get by the company to get the idea whether the company is going on he way of earning the amount of profit or making loss in the environment. Here all the cash transaction are included in it and then the top management is decide whether the company performance is good or bad in the environment.
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