Start to Finish - How long do you get?

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I am a technician student who has passed all the exams but still has Unit 10 to hand in and complete.

I am trying to delay this for as long as possible as I currently work in a non accounting field and cannot realistically leave my present employment until next June.

I am under the impression I only have three years from completion to gain the experience required to become a full member so am trying to delay my completion until the last minute.

Can anyone confirm how long you get from your start date to fully complete your AAT?

I should warn any of you studying, I have been out of study for nearly a year now, and most of what I learnt appears to have slipped clean out of my brain. It's going to make finding a job a lot harder than I thought.

Don't do what I did, if you are in non-financial employment, change as soon as you can and use what you have learnt!!!! I wish I had :mellow:


  • jorja1986
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    I was under the impression there was no time limit but taking an excessivley long time would meant that standards would change which would change who the work is assessed.

    Speak to provider they would be able to help.

    Or the AAT themselves. See what they say the time limits are. I know the recommend you try and do it as soon as possible so that everything learnt is still fresh in your mind.

    I am doing the tech simulation for the project. It isnt that bad at all. Maybe it is worth looking at doing that if you are not financially employed at the moment?

    I know people who just spoke to the finance or payroll departments to see if there was anyway that they could do a project to help the departments performance.
  • Tinylittlelady
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    Thanks for the advice and for taking the time to reply.

    I thought about doing the Simulation but I am a hairs breadth from finishing my project. I just don't knwo when would be best to hand it in.

    My worry is that the standards change in between me finishing and me leaving my current job, keeping your skills current always being imperative etc.

    My real problem is it would be financially reckless for me to leave my current employer before next June as I am looking at a hefty redundancy package, so just need to plan and execute my AAT qualifying at the right moment whilst trying to stay current in the meantime.

    it wasn't a consideration when I started my course, but unfortunately has made itself an issue.

    Oh well!

    Good luck with your final techy bits.

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