unemployed again

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I had a really bad day today.

I work in an accountancy firm as a trainee accountant. Unluckly, My boss told me this morning that he has to ask me to leave because the work is not enough to pay my salary. I have been working here for 9 months. I am going to finish my AAT intermediate level in June. I still hope to continue studying. I can understand my boss most of the day I work only doing half day's job /even just 3 hours work.

Hope someone can tell me how to find a job? Thru agancy? or just put my CV to private practice? or search online? If thru agancy I need to go to see them in person. Is it worth to take one day off just to see an agent?



  • Jan
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    I am so sorry that you are about to become unemployed.:thumbdown: Take heart in that you have 9 months experience and hopefully Intermediate level later this year. Both will stand you in good stead when you come to look for that next job.:thumbup1:

    As for looking for a job, basically try everything! Local paper/job centre/online. Agencies often have jobs that you don't see advertised so are worth a try. Like everything there are good and bad.

    As ever, Good Luck
  • katie_lau
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    thanks for your reply Jan
  • Moseley_21
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    I went through RK Accountancy and they were very good depending on your location of course!! Don't worry there are loads of jobs out there for u!! :-)
  • Primble
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    the job centre is where i found my job, my employers were after someone with experience but i sent them an email anyway with my cv as i was getting desperate. a week later i was at my interview and got the job there and then
  • kazseera
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    heyyy, hope youve found a job now, but yeh try agencies, errm reed is a good one, also firms online u can apply for.they'l also pay for your study.

    best of luck
  • ambitious
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    After graduating from uni I went 9 months unemployed so I know how it feels. Only then agencies managed to find me a temp job. The big advantage you have is that you need to finish AAT intermediate and focus on next year. Then I can't see you having any problems finding a job even as an "AAT finalist" at technician level which I believe is the equivalent of 1st year ACCA or CIMA. Keep going.
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