Is this even possible? (Re June exams)

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Hey all,

I am studying technician level with FTC Kaplan (distance learning). Due to hold-ups at work, I only started studying at the beginning of March.

My intention was to attempt Business Tax and Drafting Financial Statements in June, but I'm not sure if I'm being ludicrously optimistic, or putting myself under way too much pressure.

I planned out my time carefully, and found I had exactly six weeks to study each of the two units. So I did my six weeks on business tax, got through the book and some of the questions, but I know that I don't know it well enough and really need to spend some serious time going over it and practising.

I've got started on DFS, but am now wondering if I should attempt both, and risk not knowing either subject well enough, or concentrate on Business Tax, and be more sure of passing it.

I am pretty disciplined and don't have a problem motivating myself to work, but I'm just not sure there is physically enough time for me to learn everything. Kaplan estimate eight hours a week study, for about six weeks, shoud be enough, but I did at least that on tax, and there's no way I could pass an exam just now.

Any comments welcome, thank you.


  • jorja1986
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    I think you are being very realistic that you have realised that you are not ready is a gd thing.

    What if you only took business tax in june and the dfs in dec? That way you will have more time to concentrate on each unit

    Just an idea?
  • sloshed
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    Hi Glyn

    I have to agree with jorja, as having studied and passed DFS in December, it in my humble opinion takes quite a bit more than 48 hours (6 weeks x 8 hours) to pass it. I would stick to doing the Business Tax and maybe Personal Tax (if you need to do it, as there tends to be a crossover)

    Any whatever you decide to do, good luck - but remember you only have a few days to decide otherwise the AAT will charge you an extra £120 because you pressed the computer button a bit late.
  • wendyb
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    Hi Glyn,

    I'm so glad I'm not alone - I too am doing the final year with Kaplan distance. I only received my books in mid March. I'm going to attempt PCR/PEV in June but haven't spent much time on studying as have 3 children and am being made redundant in July so am having difficulty concentrating! I was originally going to do one of the tax exams as well but thought best to just concentrate on one book for now!

    I must admit the DFS book is very detailed - I'm inclined to agree with the others and think you should just concentrate on one which you know you'll pass. You can always sit more in Dec.

    Good luck!
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