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Could anyone offer any advice on a difficult situation? (Sorry this is really long).

Last year I finished my AAT qualification and became a full member. It was so exciting after all the hard work but now finding it really hard to get another job. I've been temping at a financial services firm for nearly a year. This company offered me a job in October but I turned it down because the salary wasn’t enough for these reasons. No study support, really long hours (I have to be up at 5am and its a 40 hour week), travelling (a train journey and a bus journey) and I want to work in accountancy not financial services. Since then I've been asked to change my mind about five times but with no change in their original offer so I keep refusing.

After constantly refusing the offer, I thought it best to move on, however six months later I am still there!! When I first I called the agency in October, they said theres no jobs because of the credit crunch,etc so I should just stay where I am until after Christmas. I believed that at first but now they are still messing about and saying theres not much about for my level. I’ve been looking for Bookeeper or Assistant Accountant type role. I'm AAT qualified, done certificates in manual bookkeeping, Sage Line 50 and business administration, advanced Excel to macro level, fourteen years experience and just started ACCA Level 2 but it doesn't seem enough.

I got fed up with that agency so tried another couple of agencies and they were really keen to get me on their books, then nothing. I'm worried that if I try any more agencies my CV could end up everywhere. I've also tried applying for jobs on the internet and newspaper but never hear anything back.

Now I feel stuck at this temporary workplace and its getting me down. As a temp I get treated like rubbish and no proper holidays for a year is making me ill. The agency seems to be negotiating with my workplace, after I talk to them them, to keep me temping there indefinitely. My supervisor keeps saying that I'm expecting too much and should just take the job offer but then hes also planning his month-long summer holiday and can’t go without cover.

I have to leave before the summer and now considering just leaving without another job. Can’t afford to do that though.

Has anyone got any tips on what I could do? Should I just walk out?


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    Please dont just walk out. It will be so much harder to motivate yourself when the money stops coming in. I can understand that you are really down but stick at it. I walked out of a job and I ended up having to temp in a fruit and veg shop for several months. Honest money and nice people but I hated it

    Put your CV and as many job agencys as you can, papers jobsites jobcentre.

    Keep plugging away. Something will turn up away from where you are.

    If you excuse my abruptness but your company sound like aholes to be honest. I wouldnt want to work for them either.

    Keep your head in it. A job will be out there that suits your needs and talents.

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