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If anyones interested I have a few books for sale.

Technician level:
Unit 10 - Foulks Lynch Managing systems and people in the Accounting environment - Text and Workbook
Unit 11 - Foulks Lynch Drafting Financial Statements - Text and workbook
Unit 8 & 9 - Osbourne Books Managing preformance and resources Text and Workbook
Unit 21, 22 & 23 Osbourne books Office Skills - combined text
Unit 8 & 9 Foulks Lynch Performance management, Enhancement of value & Planning and control of resources - Text and Workbooks
Unit 23 Bpp (97) Information management systems - Tutorial
Unit 14 (97) Financial statements - Tutorial
Units 11, 12 & 13 Management Accounting - Tutorial
Unit 19 FTC (97) Taxation (personal & business) - Study pack
Intermediate level
Units 7 & 8 BPP Cost Accounting (94) Text and Workbook
Unit 6 BPP Cost Accounting (94) Text and Workbook
Units 21 & 22 Bpp (94) Information Technology
Combined text

These are the books that I used to complete my intermediate and technician levels and it would be good if they can go to a good home to help someone else. Postage would depend on how may books were ordered as they are quite heavy and would vary alot. I would ask for £5 per book although would be prepared to do discount for multiple books. you can also collect if you wish from lincolnshire. (25 miles south of lincoln). any questions please ask.:thumbup:


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    i know your post is old but do you still have any books for the unit 10 and 11
    if you do i am interested
  • morgian
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    Hi, I`m after unit 8&9, and 11

    How much do you want for them & postage or can I collect them? Thanks, regards morg
  • KerryX
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    morgian wrote: »
    How much do you want for them & postage or can I collect them? Thanks, regards morg

    Hi Morgian,

    I have the following books for sale:

    Managing Performance & Resources Tutorial FOr NVQ accounting units 8&9 ISBN:1 872962 91 2 ( i have two of these if anyone else is interested)

    Managing performance & Resources Workbook for Accounting Units 8&9
    ISBN:1 872962 67 X

    Books are all used but look as good as new

    if anyone is interested??
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    Do you have any Technician Level books left?

  • Nearlythere!
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    all my books!!

    Intermediate and Tech Level books for sale. Mainly Osbore but i bought an few extra from BPP as well. Have pass cards, workbooks and text books email if you are intersted and ill let you know the isbn no or year when i get home. The Tech are quite recent and the Int only a few years old.

    I live in north Scotland near inverness/aberdeen in you would like to cut the postage?
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