June Exams

Primble Registered Posts: 734 Epic contributor 🐘
Is anyone else really scared about these? Also I am studying through Kaplan and on my timetable it says that I have to do a mock test but cannot find one in my pack, am I meant to go into a centre to do these or has it just been missed out as I have mock similations for other units


  • phunkyphantom22
    phunkyphantom22 Registered Posts: 166 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I think the best thing for you to do is give Kaplan a call and ask them.

    It helps to do plenty of mock papers as practice for the actual exams, but as far as I am aware the timetable is only a guide and you do not have to sit and submit mock papers - however I am not with Kaplan so best to check with them.
  • ambitious
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    I admit although I've passed my all my AAT intermediate skills tests with little difficulty I still dread exams. For me its not time pressure but rather whats at stake for passing these exams thats giving me the nerves, being progression to the final year of AAT which is what were all aiming for. I'm naturally panicking, but it's important to start practising now.
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