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Hi everyone
I am starting panicing a little bit that i dont have enough time to prepare for the exam:ohmy:The more i stress the less i study because i am not able to concentrate:crying: Am i the only one that don't feel ready? I tried to do past papers last week and i am really struggling :sad: I am starting thinking i am too stupid to do it:crying:


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    Its not a great feeling when you're like that is it. On the assumption you're in the June exams, there is still plenty of time to get revision done. First off, try and clear your mind. Might be something else you need to do first and get out the way so you can get your head in focus. There was another thread on the forums regarding revision and some tips would be only to try and suit it to how you like to revise. Most people are different to how they revise and there are many different way available, some of which you may find useful, some not. :001_unsure:

    I often feel until the last week before the exam nothing makes sense and then it comes together, i remember one scenario at A level business I felt nowhere near prepared and then on the day it came to me. :thumbup1: But that did come with revising so its best to get in what you can. Problem is I think here, is your putting the pressure on in a never ending circle where your pressuring yourself to revise and when you dont (because your pressured) you get more pressured. Take the strain off a little, maybe start with revising a bit from what you feel most best at just to help you get going.

    I have to start small and up usually as its very rarely im in the 'mood' for revising but just take it step by step. Maybe chart out a plan, get straight what the things you need to revise are and set some time up for each and then adapt it to as you feel you need to revise for them.

    Take comfort in that youre not alone but be sure to get relaxed because you probably wont want to start revising whole heartedly if you are not. Try some questions you know you can answer to get your confidence up, or revise in a comfortable surrounding so its not so much a 'chore'. Just a few ideas that hopefully helped but ultimatly you still have time and youre not alone in not feeling ready but take the chance now to change that and prove youre doubts wrong as you'll probably be surprised how much you really know! :001_smile:
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    I feel exactly the same as you... really worried that the exams are so close and I feel like I know absolutely nothing! Getting stressed and feel that everytime i try to revise nothing is going in!! You're not alone... believe me!! :crying:
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    Exactly the same, nothing makes sense, no time and seems so close. I also know I have a great problem with doing well in exams even though I can do the work every other time. I've been seriously wondering why I started the course and have considered quitting
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    Primble wrote: »
    Exactly the same, nothing makes sense, no time and seems so close. I also know I have a great problem with doing well in exams even though I can do the work every other time. I've been seriously wondering why I started the course and have considered quitting

    DON'T GIVE UP!!!!

    You've come so far already. I'm fretting big style about how close the exams are, and how much I don't know, but planning to start wotking thru passed papers after finishing my ECR simulation today, and if I don't pass them there is always december!!::001_unsure::ohmy:
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    Exactly!! Any of you guys doing FRA?? Iam struggling so much with it... :001_unsure: Even asked my tutor if she could sit the exam for me and I would pay her back in maltesers!!
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    I am doing FRA but struggling with time as i work full time and cant do anything in the evenings. I am just to tired to concentrate:crying:
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    Yeah working full time and trying to fit studying in is really hard. I've taken to spending some of my lunch doing it and sunday afternoons
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    I also work full time & must admit I struggle to motivate myself to study at night after working all day so I leave it to weekends as well.

    My employer allows me a few hours on Tuesdays & Thursdays mornings to study before I start work which has helped a lot. Agatha, would your employer be able to help you with some study time?

    Also, have you sat the skills test for FRA yet? From the past papers I've tried, the exams have been slightly less tricky than the skills tests.
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    Hi DuncyMoon
    My employer wont help me with study time, when i was booking classes and asked if i can do day release instead of saturdays i was told that they pay for the course and i shouldnt be asking for anything else, but they agreed to give me a day off on 18th June :001_rolleyes: how nice, i will be able to sit the exam
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    I'm sorry to sound like a kill-joy but in my opinion, if revision is not helping you learn anything, and nothing is 'going in', there are some serious gaps in your knowledge in the first place.

    Revision is used purely to 'revise' bits of information and topics that you are a bit rusty on, in order to fill gaps in your knowledge. You make it sound like you are trying to do the whole course in a few weeks with out any prior learning. I know you guys who work full time find it difficult to get the time to study but little and often really works.

    My advise is to do the online past papers. Start at the beginning and go slowly through the questions until there is something you really get stuck on, then go and 'revise' the method and any other relevant info. DO NOT move on to the next bit until you are sure you have the method firmly in your head. Saying to yourself at this stage, " I'll remember that" before it's really sunk in is fatal. You still have time to revise bit by bit. The past papers are an excellent way to revise as you'll see a pattern and you can target your revision for the key areas (clue: THEY REPEAT EVERY YEAR!). Look at them - find the Sales and purchases figure, find depreciation, deal with an accrual and a prepayment, journal entries, trial balance, then answer a few questions. Part 2 - Partnerships and a few more questions. That's it!

    Ok, say I'm blowing my own trumpet but I've done SEVEN past papers over the last 10 days and I've learnt so much extra.

    I know you can do it or you wouldn't have started in the first place!!
    So the secret - bit by bit, topic by topic, little and often, and repetition!

    Good luck everyone!!
    I'm on your side.
    We're all on your side!
    Bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    That is what i am doing now... going through the past papers, it does really help!! Been sat at work this afternoon while there was no management around writing out little prompt cards to pin up around my desk...
    We can do it guys!! x
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    i agree, im not ready.

    i feel soo stupid at times because i cant answer simple things. i always think theres more to the answer some times. aRRRGHHH im gna get a big FAILLLL!!!

    hmm ihope we dont have to do etb on preparing accounts unit , i hate doing themm ¬!!
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    You think its hard trying to revise for one exam, try three!! Im sitting dfs, pev and pcr in june. And to top it off the tutor for pcr and pev is totally rubbish, he just reads from the book, ive had to self teach myself most of the units.

    I have only just been able to bring myself to look at the two costing papers for fear of having a slight heart attack.
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