help with plca rec in practice examle

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Hi, i'm trying to do a reconciliation for a plca in a practice exam in Osborne books unit 5 (1st exam task 2.3 - Sarah Glass) However i cannot seem to get the balances from the subsid PL and the PLCA to agree with the adjustments quoted.

The information i have is as follows PLCA = 31500 cr, sub PL = 33770

errors are;
A creditor account with a balance of 290 has been obmitted from the list
A credit purchase of 960 (inclusive of VAT) has been omitted from a creditors account.
Purchae returns of 80 (inclusive of VAT) has been omitted from a creditors account.
A payment to a creditor of 500 has been credited to the creditors account.
A creditos balance of 780 had been entered in the list as 870.

When i do this, i have trying all possible combinations with adding and crediting, but i can not get the two to balance.

Can any one help please.

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